Keyboard & Mouse Wireless Element KB-590WMS Black/Red
Keyboard & Mouse Wireless Element KB-590WMS Black/RedKeyboard & Mouse Wireless Element KB-590WMS Black/RedKeyboard & Mouse Wireless Element KB-590WMS Black/Red
Keyboard & Mouse Wireless Element KB-590WMS Black/Red
Kωδικός 416224
Part Number: 080447

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Overview:Compact design, designed to look good, the compact keyboard is 36% smaller than our standard keyboards-with all the standard keys, and its stylish design will look good with your current setup Powerful, reliable connection, you get a reliable connection within 10 meters ( 33 feet) distance, with virtually no delays or dropouts-thanks to Taiwan made Advanced 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity. Feel-good typing, you’ll be comfortable with this keyboard thanks to the low-profile, whisper-quiet keys and standard layout with full-size number pad.

Specifications Keyboard: 
2.4GHz wireless keyboard
Working distance : 10-15m
104 keys
Compatible with windows 98/2000/XP/7/8/10
Product dimension : 380 x 111 x 17mm
Elegant design
Hight quality
 keyboard features:
Low-profile, quiet keys
Compact keyboard
Thin-profile keyboard
Durable keys that can last up to million keystrokes
Strong, adjustable tilt legs
Plug-and-play USB connection
No software installation
Laser print layout, longer lifetime typing use
With powerful FN functions as below
FN+F3= Search
FN+F4= Calculator
FN+F5= Media
FN+F6= Previous
FN+F9= Mute
FN+F10=  -Volume
FN+F11=  +Volume
FN+Home= Print Screen SysRq
FN+End= Pause Break
FN+PgUp= App
FN+PgDn= Scroll Lock

Battery cover plastic colors can optional
Keyboard weight is round 320g with 2pcs AAA batteries inside
Keyboard size: 380x111x17mm
Powered sourcing from 2pcs AAA batteries
Keyboard with 3pcs anti-slip rubber foot

Mouse Specification: 
2.4GHz wireless mouse
Switchable resolution 800-1200-1600dpi
Life time: 5.000.000
Dimensions: 108x60x30mm
Compatible with windows 98/2000/XP/7/8/10
 mouse features
Mid-size stylish design mouse
High-definition 800/1200/1600dpi optical tracking
Plug-and-play USB connection
No software installation
Nano receiver put inside the mouse bottom housing
Mouse weight: 68g with 1*AA battery and nano receiver
Mouse size:100x60x40mm
Powered sourcing from 1pcs AA battery.
Package contents:
1x wireless keyboard
1x wireless mouse
1x usb nano receiver
2x AAA batteries


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