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Charger Adaptor Travel WP-U56 Micro 2.0A White
Charger Adaptor Travel WP-U56 Micro 2.0A White
Kωδικός 420559
Part Number: 250558

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Overview:WK WP-U56 2A Dual USB Fast Charging Power Adapter + Micro Cable Hold in one hand light as nothing. Only 29g weight, small and light, no burden to go out. Delicate and compact, safe and durable. Fast charging no need to wait. Dual USB design, 2A high current output, two devices are simultaneously charged to meet the needs of daily life. Intelligent chip temperature conltrol efficient heat dissipation

 1. Output: DV5V-2A
2. Material: ABS
3. Support two devices to charge at the same time
4. Small size, easy to carry
5. Safe and durable
6. Weight: 29g 

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