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Bluetooth Retractable Headset iXchange UA-51 Pro With LCD
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Bluetooth Retractable Headset iXchange UA-51 Pro With LCDBluetooth Retractable Headset iXchange UA-51 Pro With LCD
Bluetooth Retractable Headset iXchange UA-51 Pro With LCD
Kωδικός 420022
Part Number: 310037

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Overview:The iXchange Retractable Bluetooth Stereo Headset with LCD display, Application & Vibration is a new innovative product. The device is designed to clip onto your clothing or where you want. Download IXchange UP' APP from APP store and enjoy all the functions that provides. Enjoy HD stereo music or make hands-free calls no burden. Music and Media streaming (GPS, games etc) Power Display available on: iOS 7 & Android 5.1.1 and above

 Multi-point operation
Multifunction button
LCD display
Bluetooth®: v5.1 with BLE
Incoming call alert and anti-lost alert 
Profiles supported: HSP, HFP, A2DP-AVRCP
Operating Range: 10m
Operation Temperature: 0-50 degree Celsius
Charging Time: around 1.5hrs
Talk Time: Up to 11hrs
Music Time: Up to 13hrs
Standby Time: about 500hrs
Battery Capacity: 110mAh 
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Χαρακτηριστικά Περιγραφή
Κωδικός DotMedia 310037
Μοντέλο UA51 Pro
Κατασκευαστής IXCHANGE
Τύπος Retractable cable
Extras Handsfree bluetooth/LCD Display/Application/Vibration/Qualcomm
Site κατασκευαστή www.ce.com.hk
Eγγυήση 2 ETH

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